Saturday, February 11, 2012

HighLight Pen

HIGHLIGHT PEN......One of the Creative IDEAS that Human created for us. 

Usually, I begun using this pen in the office where I work. So, for that the question about how people got the 
 Idea of that was roaming my mind all the time. 

 I've done a bit of rooting around the web, and found this incredible story behind this product that became 
 inseparable part of the OFFICE LIFE....

Highlighters, by definition are just felt-tip pens filled with transparent fluorescent ink. The first felt tip pen was invented by Sidney Rosenthal in 1952 and his device consisted of a squat glass bottle filled with ink and a wool felt wick and tip. Thus, the "Magic Marker" was born, so named for it's ability to mark up any surface. Despite his new invention, Sidney's Magic Marker corporation was never particularly successful given the large amount of competition and innovation by others, and consequently, he was forced to sell the "Magic Marker" brand name to Binney & Smith in 1989.
In 1962, the modern fiber-tipped pen was invented by Yukio Horie of the Tokyo Stationary Company in Japan. These pens used bamboo for the fiber (Though Synthetic Fibers Later Replaced The Bamboo) and were the first to use dyes rather than inks to get their pigment.
In 1963, the Avery Corporation created the first"Hi-Liter" by introducing translucent-ink into the cartridge. The pen came in various pastel shades but in 1978, they introduced the first fluorescent colors. The first fluorescent color, coincidentally, was yellow which is why we stereotypically think of highlighters being yellow. 



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